tisdag 1 november 2011


even the sea is beautiful in the fall

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  1. A great shot. I like the sea in all seasons. In Rio de Janeiro is spring and the summer begins in December.

  2. indeed. i love the mist in the distance.

  3. I love how the light is hitting hte water just right was this an early morning shot??

    very nice to meet you, I am a new follower via the watery wednesday blog hop, I very much look forward to visiting you again :)! www.mumfection.com

  4. Hej! såg i listan att du var svensk så ville bara kolla om du skrev på engelska eller svenska på watery wednesday :-)
    väldigt fin bild förresten!
    nu ska jag göra färdigt mitt eget inlägg!
    vi ses!

  5. cold and beautiful....lovely capture....it makes one want to grab a picnic basket with some bread and great cheeses + a fine bottle of red wine. I could see sitting here summer, winter, spring, or fall. genie

  6. I enlarged the photo, so I could better see the leaves, and the textures in the sand!! I love it!!